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The doctors felt, what dose of intimacy useful at different ages

Врачи посчитали, какая доза интима полезна в разном возрасте Every age has its needs.

Intimate relationships are one of the factors of good health, both physical and psychological.

But how much would that be sex? Scientists have made the requirement table in close proximity to people of different ages.

As you know, sex life is not just a physiological need, it saves people from depression and helps to deal with stress. In addition, regular sex prolongs youth.

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In order to prove this theory, doctors clinic Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland conducted the study.
The results showed that people who have sex 50% more, look at 7 – 13 years younger than those who do not have regular process.

The researchers made a table that shows the average number of sex should be a year for people of a certain age.

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18 -29 years old – 112 times a year

30 – 39 years old – 86 times in the year

40 – 49 years – 69 times a year

50 – 60 years 24 times a year

60 or above – average 12 times a year.

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