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The doctors explained why you should regularly eat cucumbers

Медики объяснили, почему необходимо регулярно есть огурцыThe most valuable fresh cucumbers is recognized as potassium.

Perhaps the most common vegetable on earth is a cucumber. Something he did not do: salted, pickled, and even fried.

And on the table it happens almost every day. But few people think about whether it is possible to eat uncontrollably. Cucumbers: benefits and harms – that’s what will talk about today.
Useful than fresh cucumbers

From school everyone knows that this vegetable consists of water 97%. But the other 3% have a very interesting group on vitamins and minerals. Of course, their number is too small to cover the daily requirement of the human body. But as a Supplement to a full menu very help.

Let’s not paint the properties of all of the vitamins and minerals contained in fresh cucumber, just describe the beneficial effects.

The most valuable fresh cucumbers is recognized as potassium. Laboratory studies have shown that this trace element is vital for proper functioning of the heart and vascular system.

A large amount of water in the vegetable allows the use to achieve literacy diuretic effect. It should be recognized that cucumbers do not wash the body of calcium and other nutrients, as do chemicals.

This water composition is similar to distilled liquid. Therefore, fresh cucumber juice perfectly quenches thirst. However, he displays the body of harmful substances, toxins and wastes.

The magic juice of fresh cucumbers has another amazing property. Due to the natural organic acid in the composition it is capable of:

withdraw salt from the body and joints
to dissolve sand and stones in the kidneys
to remove cholesterol plaques from blood vessels
wash free radicals
to improve the properties of blood

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As you can see, it is not so simple, this ordinary cucumber. For example, in gout, he makes great overall condition and somewhat relieves the pain.

The pulp and skin of fresh cucumbers is a soft fiber. It cleans the intestines, and very properly and without harm even for the weak and the child’s body.

Crispy green vegetables is rightly recognized as one of the low calorie pumpkin among. Therefore, they actively engage in a variety of diets and health food. However, it is necessary to limit their use, especially in the fasting days. Because the constant power one cucumber contributes to the stretching of the stomach. As a result, the effect can be the opposite of the desired effect.

Who is harmful cucumbers

Some people don’t even think about the fact that a simple cucumber can bring unpleasant surprises. No, of course, to eat a couple Zelentsov, will not feel the problematic response of the body. But even this famous vegetable has its contraindications.

For example, it is known that the composition of the pulp has a decent amount of iodine. A healthy person is not hurt. But people suffering from thyroid dysfunction, this property can cause many unpleasant moments.

Also not recommended to use fresh cucumbers feeding mums. Because the baby may be upset stool until diarrhea.

The same caution applies to people who are aware of their intestines tend to bring surprises. In order not to aggravate the situation, it is better to refuse from fresh cucumbers with their laxative property.

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Thanks to a strong diuretic effect, should not get involved fresh cucumbers, people with kidney disease:

renal failure

Bodies and so are difficult to cope with fluid in the body, and then there’s cucumbers from the Supplement. So they better not eat. Or at least only during an exacerbation. Because the least threatened abuse of the cucumber is excessive swelling. And about more and will not say nothing about the bad.

And doctors recommend limiting the consumption of fresh cucumbers in food those who are diagnosed with hypertension. Again, this is the proverbial water from the pulp gives the strongest stress on the cardiovascular system.

More recently it became known that the juice of fresh cucumbers increase the acidity. So, persons:

stomach ulcers
duodenal ulcer

don’t want to be thinking about how to disrupt the young vegetable from the garden and eat.

By the way, about the patch. The least harm to the body will bring seasonal vegetables grown on their own plot.

No doubt, winter or late fall the hand and reaching to the counter for fresh cucumber. We all want to feel the smell of summer. But please refrain. Think about where fresh cucumbers in winter? That’s right, from industrial greenhouses. And hardly there someone will lovingly nurture each fruitlets. Most likely these cucumbers are loaded with pesticides and nitrates. So remember – all the time.

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