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The doctors explained why you should regularly drink green tea

Медики объяснили, почему необходимо регулярно пить зеленый чайGreen tea is good not only for weight loss.

Scientists were able to prove why to prevent good vision is daily to drink green tea.

In green tea full of antioxidants and beneficial vitamins. In particular, scientists have identified the elements of the catechins. They penetrate with vitamins E and C in the membrane of the organ of vision and activates the processes that help to resist various diseases of the organs of vision, including such dangerous diseases as glaucoma. Recall is a serious eye disease, which without timely detection and proper treatment will result in certain blindness.

That is, consuming daily green tea, eyeballs absorb antioxidants and use their action for the benefit of the organism in General and vision in particular. This is the simple secret to prevent good vision. It is recommended to drink up to three cups of tea a day. Better enjoy this drink in the morning, because in green tea have much caffeine, so it can be a good substitute for coffee. It is also useful in the morning because it stimulates the metabolism. Thus helps the body throughout the day to burn fats.

Which green tea is best to drink?

It is not recommended to drink bottled green tea, because in addition to nutrients, it contains many additives, dyes and sugar. Better in hot weather to cook it yourself. It is important to note that this drink is not long can retain its useful properties.

That is, if you keep the tea bags longer than a year (although the tea in bags is better not to choose), it will lose all its useful properties. Shelf life of tea – six months. Therefore, pay attention to its date of packaging. After opening, use the product within three months. After all, the color of tea, after opening, due to the effect of oxygen changes.

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