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The doctors explained why you need to use sorrel

Медики объяснили, зачем нужно употреблять щавель This plant can be used not only in cooking a green soup.

Sorrel is one of the most useful plants in the spring. He’s interesting and that it can be prepared.

The high content of vitamins
Sorrel contains a record of high doses of vitamins b and C, and therefore is able to treat beriberi, anemia, prevent colds and improve brain function.

In sable contains a lot of protein, almost more than all the other ow plants. If you play sports, or just want to keep my muscles in tone, don’t forget to add in the diet of sorrel.

The improvement of the stomach
Due to the high acidity, sorrel provokes the secretion of gastric juice, which has a positive effect on the digestive system, helps with overeating and the “lazy stomach”.

Assistance during menstruation
This plant is able to reduce the profusion of the allocation of the menstrual cycle, and inhibits pain receptors, making indispensable the first day of menstruation.

Cleansing the body
Sorrel displays the body of excess toxins and waste products: it is the perfect product to detox after the holidays, feasts, or usual eating too much.

Normalization of pressure
Due to the properties of cleansing the body from cholesterol and expand blood vessels, sorrel improves blood circulation and regulates both low and high pressure up to healthy standards.

Withdrawal headaches
What little plant is struggling with the pain as well as sorrel.

This applies in particular to headaches, broth savla able to overcome even a migraine.

How to cook sorrel
We know green soup, but where else you can eat to use this plant?

Sorrel and mint perfectly complement the tuna salad, or Turkey with cream sauce. Sorrel and ginger will be the perfect sauce for Zander, if you throw them in a blender with a tablespoon of olive oil.

Also sorrel is the best filling for a sweet yeast cake.

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