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The doctors explained why you can not clean the ears with cotton sticks

Врачи объяснили, почему нельзя чистить уши ватными палочкамиIt is dangerous to health.

For many years doctors I beg people not to use cotton swabs to clean ears, but many people still do not hear. Every year thousands of people get into the emergency room due to the cotton buds and related injuries.

A sterile probe is a swab, he’s a reindeer (in medicine), aka q-tip absolutely not intended for the purpose for which is often used — to clean the ears. Moreover, just for the ears it may be far unsound. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Cosmetic cotton buds were produced after it was noticed that many people love to dig deeper in my ears with a match and wound on it with a piece of wool. There is demand — there is proposal: sticks began to produce on an industrial scale. This took into account the inconvenience of using matches sticks made longer, and the wool on them is securely fastened.

Earwax cleans and lubricates the ear canals and protects them from contact with fungi, bacteria and insects. Sulfur is continuously “collects” all these harmful substances and excreted naturally in chewing movements. However, if earwax is produced in excessive amount, it may be clogging the ear canal and deliver a lot of discomfort. To remove the sulfuric stopper can be a doctor.

Workings too much earwax is called hypersecretion sulfur. The main cause of hypersecretion is the irritation of the skin of the ear canal. And the main reason for this irritation — hearing AIDS and cotton buds.

Many experts agree in opinion that got into the ear with a stick to remove excess earwax, a person violates the natural mechanism of self-purification, irritate the skin and slip the ear wax deeper into the “tamping” it, and greatly increasing the risk of the formation of the tube. In addition, if too carried away by the process, you can accidentally puncture the eardrum with a stick, leading to deafness.

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