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The doctors explained why women should not be a lot of work

Медики объяснили, почему женщинам нельзя много работатьWomen are bad to work a lot.

In any case, they are overtime to produce much more negative effect than men.

Under stress they cause greater harm to their health, while men continue to harm themselves in normal mode.

Busy schedule affect women much stronger and more negative than men: long hours spent in the office, forcing them to drink too much coffee, smoke a wild amount of cigarettes and eat junk food from fast food.

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Although both sexes cease to abuse drink, when there is more time sitting at work, women at the same time begin to feel an irresistible attraction to various unhealthy snacks.

It is not surprising that women and men work differently, because even genetically, they differ greatly from each other. As announced the other day the staff of the University of California at Los Angeles, in the course of the study, it was found that thousands of identical genes in the same organs of men and women behave differently. Perhaps that is why the same disease often develops differently in men and women and requires different treatment.

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