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The doctors explained why summer is headache and what to do with it

Медики объяснили, почему летом болит голова и что с этим делатьIn summer, people often experience pain even while resting in the fresh air and not being at the computer.

The reasons can be several, as well as their solutions.

Experts told, what reasons can affect your headache and how to deal with it.

Reason 1: real estate position for a few hours. In such case, you can help any of the facial gymnastics, grimace, head tilts.

Reason 2: chronic eye strain. The solution – short breaks from the computer, reading other documents and concentrating on a specific thing.

Reason 3: the lack of magnesium. It turns out that the lack of this trace element may cause occasional headaches or even migraines. What to do? Eat a handful of dried fruit or a banana.

Reason 4: dehydration. This is perhaps the most common cause of summer headaches. Well, if you’re a supporter of strong coffee, then one way out – drink water.

Reason 5: the menu had a lot of protein. Exactly avid fans of meat in hot weather often suffer from headaches. Go in the heat better on a plant-based diet and headaches leave you soon.

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