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The doctors explained why it’s hard to Wake up in the morning

Медики объяснили, почему утром тяжело просыпатьсяMany people have difficulty with the morning rise.

Some literally have to force myself to get out of bed.

According to Australian researchers from Flinders University, the issue here is not the lack of sleep and slowing of the biological clock.

Scientists studied the disorder of the phase of slow sleep, mainly characterized by a persistent inability to fall asleep and Wake up at the right time. It turned out that mainly this disorder was observed in humans, the biological clock which are much slower than the normal state.

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Experts explained that most people have a 24-hour natural rhythm of the biological clock. It affects drowsiness and internal body temperature. However, people with impaired delayed-phase sleep to complete the cycle takes more time, so they usually go to sleep later and, consequently, Wake up late.

Experts can not yet accurately determine the cause of this disruption of the biological clock. To clarify this issue it is planned to conduct a long and extensive research.

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