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The doctors explained why it is impossible to completely abandon baking

Врачи объяснили, почему нельзя полностью отказываться от выпечкиExperts recommend not to skimp on the sweets and baked goods.

Save the family budget is admirable, but some foods should remain in the diet consistently high quality regardless of the price.

Experts on healthy eating told us about the three products which you can not save, and the more completely avoided.

“Exclusion from the diet of these products or their replacement analogues can result in extremely negative consequences for the body and health,” physicians expressed their point of view on this issue.

In particular, doctors recommend regularly eat meat, and suggested that the use of this product is the best on the system “day after day”. Under this method, the days of eating meat or poultry it is necessary to alternate days when used with vegetable foods rich in protein – it helps to maintain the health and the budget.

Also, experts say, do not skimp on the sweets and baked goods.

All confectionery baking so attracted by the appearance, sweet taste and pleasant aroma. In addition, a high caloric and nutritional value of the product allows to satisfy the appetite and satiate the body with glucose, which, in moderation, is very useful for our body. Of course, this advantage of products is not always helpful, because people with a limited weight, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, many authorities banned the use of flour in large quantities.

Just do not forget that in the cake are flour, which brings the body vitamins of group B. They are responsible for the condition of the skin, positively affect the nervous system and allow you to recover our body. Also in the recipe are the eggs, which offer the indispensable saturated fatty acids, a unique component to our body. Even dairy products, a source of calcium, and so forth.

“This may sound strange, but it is only a very small number of people can completely abandon these products. It is therefore important to use only very high quality sweets,” – said the expert.

They recalled that the cheap sweets are often the source of harmful TRANS fats.

Yet, according to doctors, of diet we cannot exclude the nuts (seeds). They contain essential trace minerals, not to mention the fact that in the nuts a lot of vegetable protein and unsaturated fatty acids.

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