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The doctors explained why it is advisable to regularly eat mangoes

Медики объяснили, почему желательно регулярно есть мангоCalled a fruit that protect against breast cancer.

Employees of the University of Texas have sponsored comprehensive studies have shown that mango fruits can be an effective means of preventing breast cancer.

It turned out that tumor cells sensitive to the action of polyphenols in this fruit.

Scientists have studied the anti-inflammatory properties of polyphenols contained in mango. After a series of tests on mice, the researchers established that the polyphenols in mango is able to reduce the intensity of proliferation – the process of growth of tissue by cell division. It is particularly noticeable polyphenolic compounds influence precisely on the cancerous areas.

“At a concentration of 5 µg/ml GAE polyphenols of mango led to reduced proliferation of breast cancer cells by about 90%. In that time, as the proliferation of samples of noncancerous cells was only 20%,” – said the authors of the project.

Experts recommend eating mangoes not only as a delicious exotic fruit, but also as a very healthy product, prevents the occurrence of malignant tumors in the breast.

We will remind, earlier mango studies showed beneficial effects as fat burning component.

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