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The doctors explained why in the winter to eat kiwi

Врачи объяснили, почему зимой надо есть кивиFans of a healthy lifestyle has long included overseas fruit in your diet, and in the winter time to abandon the kiwis don’t have one.

About the benefits of kiwis, it seems, can talk endlessly: it combines too many advantages, among which perhaps the most important — taste and wealth of vitamins.

Many have simply can not imagine your daily menu without the fruit: add kiwi and yoghurt for Breakfast, in refreshing and nutritious smoothie for a snack, and even salad of kiwi pleases the most demanding palates. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Fans of a healthy lifestyle has long included overseas fruit in your diet, and in the winter, when our bodies are suffering from lack of vitamins, to abandon the kiwis don’t have one: tell, what is so useful “Chinese gooseberry”.

Improves digestion

The flesh of kiwifruit contains a special enzyme aktinidin, responsible for the breakdown of proteins and promotes better digestion. On the effectiveness of kiwi here can compete with bromelain enzyme, which determined the popularity of the pineapple as a dietary fruit.

Besides, kiwi is a rich source of fiber which prevents digestive problems.

Normalizes blood pressure

In kiwi contains a lot of potassium that helps to normalize blood pressure. Especially useful this fruit will be those who have a pressure significantly above the norm: Norwegian scientists concluded that kiwifruit helps to reduce blood pressure.

Protects the structure of DNA

Studies have shown that the unique combination of antioxidants in kiwifruit helps protect DNA molecules from oxidation by various mutagens and, as a consequence, prevents the development of cancer.

Strengthens the immune system

One kiwi fruit contains daily norm of vitamin C, which in combination with the powerful antioxidant properties of this fruit strengthens our immune system and makes the body resistant to diseases.

Watching your weight

Kiwi — a product with a low glycemic index and high amount of fiber: this means that it will not cause a sharp spike in blood insulin — a hormone accumulating fat and excess weight as other fruits that contain a lot of sugar.

Prevention of heart disease

Eating 2-3 kiwis a day, you will significantly reduce the risk of blood clots: the fact that this fruit burns fat that can block arteries and cause thrombosis.

Strengthens eyesight

Due to the high content in kiwi folic acid and lutein, this fruit is valued for its properties that promote vision. In addition, kiwi helps the body to fight certain diseases of the eye, e.g., retinal detachment, and retinal dystrophy.

Watching skin

Kiwi is great for those who are watching their appearance: this fruit contains a tremendously high amount of vitamin E, the leader of a group of antioxidants. It protects skin cells from aging, tones it and has a General rejuvenating effect.

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