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The doctors explained why drink food cold drinks bad for health

Медики объяснили, почему запивать еду холодными напитками вредно для здоровьяExtremely harmful to eat food and drink something cold, be it water, or other drinks with ice.

This habit, according to experts on healthy eating, provoke serious disturbances in the digestive system of the body.

According to the nutritionist Irina Christianovich, drinking a cold liquid after a meal leads to the fact that the food is just not digested in the stomach. The drink in this case must be warm, says the expert.

“If you wash down the dish with ice water or Coca-Cola with ice, the food is literally pushed out by the contractions of the stomach. Instead of the usual digestion of food that takes several hours, this process is shortened to 30 minutes. Raw food moves into the intestine, and fermentation begins,” – said Advisor on nutrition.

This habit, the expert noted, contributes to the fact that the person constantly feeling hungry. This is due to too rapid movement of the food mass from the stomach into the intestine. Especially dangerous such a process with regard to the protein dishes. If proteins whose digestion requires a long time, quickly enter the intestine, there is a risk that there will be raw food ball, which can be a source of intoxication, said Hrustanovic.

The best drink to wash down a meal, the doctor thinks warm water. Coffee and tea, according to experts, are better left to individual reception.

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