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The doctors explained why bad to completely abandon the salt

Врачи объяснили, почему вредно полностью отказываться от солиIt is not necessary to torture yourself with food low in salt content because it may not lower the blood pressure.

To such conclusion scientists from the Boston University.

Today doctors recommend that adults not exceed 6 g of salt daily, however, scientists from Boston University found that in complying with this recommendation is often found higher blood pressure than those who do not limit the intake of salt. According to scientists, the recommendation to eat less salt looks too simple, and the authors ignore the fact that salt increases the level of hormones in the body that regulate and reduce blood pressure.

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Some people with heart disease try to eat less salt and processed foods, so their pressure is reduced. However, they can just be salt-sensitive, which indicates a faulty heart. Some people salt lowers blood pressure, but experts argue that the potassium contained in bananas and potatoes, also performs this task along with magnesium and calcium. Normal levels of these chemicals in the body may explain why people actively overlapping on salty foods, there is a low blood pressure.

Their findings the researchers made on the basis of the observations 2 of 632 men and women aged 30 to 64 years. All of them at the beginning of the observations had a normal blood pressure. After 16 years it was found that people who consumed less than 6 grams of salt had higher blood pressure. And those who ate more salt had low pressure.

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