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The doctors explained, who more than others prone to cancer of the bones

Врачи объяснили, кто больше остальных подвержен раку костейDoctors have identified who more than others at risk of Contracting bone cancer.

Fortunately, cancer of the bones is negligible morbidity rates among all existing cancers. But this does not mean that people in the group of potential risk, you should not worry. Just to get acquainted with a possible predisposition to cancer of the bone, and hence to draw any conclusions.

Bone Oncology is in most cases a secondary form of cancer. That is, in the patient already have a malignancy and when it took the form of metastasis in any part of the skeleton can form a new tumor, called cancer.

From bone cancer has almost no symptoms in the early stages of development, which seriously complicates the process of diagnosis and treatment of the patient. Plus, in the tissue of bone tumors grow very quickly and before they find the doctor, they reach too large dimensions.

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Who gets cancer of the bones:

1. Any bone injury received during life, can ever cause the development of cancer cells. In this regard, doctors recommend to take care of your health and life in General.

2. Pathological bone diseases such as Paget’s disease. For this pathology is disturbed process of recovery of bone tissue, and this is why you can occur anomaly, leading to the appearance of cancerous tumors in the bones.

3. Heredity. Oncologists believe that cancer is not inherited, but if in the family there were cases of the disease, the probability that sick someone of the later generations, few increases.

4. Youth. As it terribly sounds, but the statistics bone cancer diagnosed in children and young people, in particular representatives of the stronger sex.

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5. Other types of cancer. As already above, we have noted that bone cancer may act as the effects on the background of the metastasis of other types of cancer.

To recognize bone cancer at an early stage of development almost impossible. Oncologists have repeatedly stated that the timely treatment of cancer patients for medical help is a step on the road to rapid recovery and increase the chances of living a long and happy life after cancer.

First, bone cancer person may experience pain in one part of the body close to the bone. The place where it hurts will not have any external changes. However, over time, you may receive a bump, indicating tumor growth. Then have to put off going to the oncologist is extremely undesirable.

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