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The doctors explained, whether to worry about swallowed gum

Врачи объяснили, стоит ли переживать из-за проглоченной жвачкиIn most cases it is not dangerous.

Still panic when chewing gum accidentally slipping from the mouth to the throat? Not worth it! Children’s superstition that swallowed gum sits in the stomach for 7 years, has nothing to do with reality.

Our body is able to break down some of the components of gum — sweeteners and flavor enhancers. “The rest goes on through the digestive tract,” says Gerry Mullin, Professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins hospital. Not be digesting only the chewy base of gum — as well as the skins and seeds of fruits.

Just do not imagine that the gum will stick to the internal coating of the walls of the stomach or intestines, as the soles of shoes or the sidewalk. Chewing gum, do need a little more time than regular food, to go all the way the digestive tract, but, anyway, the body of its displays, says Mullin, a gastroenterologist Nancy Machel from Duke University adds that in all his years never met a chewing gum stuck inside their patients.

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When not to worry about swallowed gum? If you suffer from Crohn’s disease or diverticulitis that causes a narrowing of the intestine, because gum can clog the already narrow stretch. In rare cases, this leads to spasms, constipation and other disorders of the intestine.

A healthy person to achieve the appearance of problems can only swallow a very large amount of chewing gum. Therefore, to worry about occasionally swallowed gum, according to experts, it is not necessary.

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Moreover, against negative prejudices, chewing gum if you use it for other purposes, may even be beneficial for your health: it activates the salivary glands, which helps neutralize stomach acid and protect you from heartburn.

Besides, studies show that chewing gum improves concentration, and 10 minutes of this activity each day helps to remove from the teeth about 100 million bacteria, which is the equivalent of flossing. Most importantly, make sure that your gum has no sugar!

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