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The doctors explained, whether to replace sugar with honey

Медики объяснили, стоит ли заменять сахар медомAccording to doctors, honey has a great set of useful properties, unlike sugar.

In recent years more and more people are thinking about how to give up sugar and switch to honey. This has undoubted advantages, because in honey contains many micronutrients and vitamins, which is absolutely not in the Sahara. Besides, honey is a natural antibiotic that can be used in the treatment of viral and infectious diseases.

The main differences of honey and sugar

– honey is sweeter than sugar by about a third;

– the caloric value of 100 g of honey is 328 kcal, sugar – 399 kcal;

– honey is a strong allergen, sugar – no;

– honey can be used as a therapeutic agent, a sugar such svoistvami does not possess;

in the evening you can eat or 50 g of honey or 30 grams of sugar.

As we have seen, white sugar can boast such a wide range of nutrients in its composition, unlike honey. Nutritionists say that brown sugar is much more vitamins and minerals in the composition, so it can still compete with honey. But in Ukraine, to find a natural brown sugar is almost impossible, and if there are, then its cost will be prohibitive.

The main beneficial properties of honey:

Prevention of colds is due to the ascorbic acid contained in the honey.

Reproductive health of men and women is improving with zinc, which is natural honey.

Healthy hair, skin, nails because of the b vitamins.

Strong teeth due to the calcium, which is also in honey.

A healthy heart and elastic blood vessels – will take care of potassium.

There are many other vitamins and minerals contains honey, making is an invaluable benefit throughout the human body.

Experts recommend buying honey from trusted manufacturers who do not feed the bees sugar syrup and dilute them with honey, because in this case, the product becomes useless and even to some extent harmful.

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