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The doctors explained where spontaneous bruises on the body

Врачи объяснили, откуда берутся спонтанные синяки на теле Called the six most common reasons for the sudden appearance of bruises.

Sometimes, when considering of your body we find strange bruises that came out of nowhere. Like there was no reason for their appearance, but they are there! Meanwhile, in any case, their appearance may not be due to some mysterious reasons. Everything has an explanation.

Here bruising can be caused by any of the following circumstances. causes of sudden bruising:

1. The lack of vitamins
For anybody not a secret that the human body is a large enough supply of vitamins, which are responsible for normal blood circulation process. If the body lacks vitamins or Vice versa in excess, it can lead to hematomas.

2. Aging
The body aging is a natural process. And one of his signs is the formation of spots on the skin, including bruising. So just remember your age and think — can they appear in your body not an accident?

3. The disease von Willebrand
At its development the bruises are formed during other processes related to the circulation of the blood (e.g., menstruation). This whole process is that the body lacks proteins.

4. Active physical load on the body
Despite the fact that exercise, it would seem that strengthens the body, in fact, too much exercise is having and other effects. One of the signs of which in particular is the formation of bruises on the body.

5. Diabetes
This disease is accompanied by violation of processes of circulation. Therefore, bruises in diabetes can be considered quite a natural phenomenon. However, if you have disturbed vision or you become worse to hear is already a reason to visit your doctor.

6. Thrombocytopenia
In this disease bruising caused by natural causes — injuries. However, they are so weak that under normal conditions, the bruise just could not be formed.

Knowing the cause of the slightly odd bruises, you can understand what disease you are suffering. Accordingly, it will be an early step toward treatment and recovery of your body. Still try to remember — maybe the bruise came not just? Be vigilant to your body.

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