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The doctors explained what threatens a violation of sleep mode

Медики объяснили, чем грозит нарушение режима снаShift sleep at the weekend threatened a heart attack

Scientists from the University of Arizona, USA, made a view that disregard of the established mode of sleep during the weekend increases the risk of a person suffering from a heart attack.

In any case, the ability to sleep later in the day provides no benefit, they noted.

People who allow themselves to stay up late and Wake up late on weekends, have higher risks of health myocardial – this habit increases the risk of heart attack by 11%, the study showed.

In the framework of the project experts was surveyed about 1,000 people aged from 22 to 60 years. Researchers took into account parameters such as sleep duration, the presence of cardiovascular disease, fatigue and sleepiness in participants. Their analyses indicate that deviations from a stable schedule of sleep and bedtime to a later time on weekends negatively affect the function of the heart, increasing the chances of violations.

According to the researchers, people underestimate the importance of health habits such as falling asleep at the same time. Meanwhile, as they consider a regular schedule of sleep can be simple, inexpensive and effective method for the prevention of heart disease and many other problems with health.

They emphasized that data from different studies suggest that the regularity of sleep, not its duration plays a key health role.

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