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The doctors explained what the main danger of vitamin deficiency

Медики объяснили, в чем главная опасность авитаминозаThe easiest source of vitamins – fruits and vegetables.

Doctors often ask the question: “Why are our fathers and grandfathers knew nothing about vitamins and were healthier than us?”. Indeed, the word “vitamins” became known to science only since 1912, when the Polish scientist Funk suggested this name from the Latin words “Vita” = life and “amine” is a compound of nitrogen.

It has survived until now, although, as it turned out later, the nitrogen contains not all vitamins.

Long before this discovery was particularly known for the beneficial properties of certain products. In the XVI century Pomerania in the North were saved from scurvy pine extract, cloudberry jam, ice cream reindeer meat and fresh blood. But our ancestors knew that an infusion of the cones of coniferous trees and needles, as well as horseradish, garlic, leek, mulberries, onions, nettles and cabbage, prevents scurvy.

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During the hunger strike and lent, mostly to poor families, developed “night blindness” — a loss of vision in the twilight. Even then, the disease treated by the liver and fish oil, not knowing about the existence in them of vitamin A.

Of course, the wrong those who think that people used to be healthier. They are often sick, experiencing, for example, the harmful effects of vitamin a deficiency, not to mention many other sources of disease, prodavshica extremely difficult living conditions of the workers.

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In the early twentieth century, little was known about the vitamins. However, later, when it was opened some of them, the doctors did not know how to recognize the symptoms of beriberi — disease caused by lack of vitamins in food.

In India, the Philippines, in Indonesia, for example, for many years there raged a severe disease beriberi affecting the heart and nervous system. Not only relatively recently scientists have found that this disease occurs due to repetitive supply of cleaned rice, which has no necessary body of vitamin B1—thiamine.

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