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The doctors explained what is the harm of mayonnaise

The main danger of this sauce is high calorie.

Many of the harmful features of mayonnaise are attributed to this product unfairly, according to nutritionists. How hazardous to health present in the human diet the most popular mayonnaise sauce? Mayonnaise few people preparing themselves, usually buying it at the store.

Opponents of this product claim that it “solid chemistry and harm.” But is it really?..

The experts shared their opinion on this matter. Their conclusion: there is no “chemistry” in mayonnaise is actually there.

Experts explained that the basis for the popular sauce are butter, egg yolks, mustard and salt. As additives in its composition manufacturers used lemon juice and thickeners of natural raw materials such as seaweed, gum carob and pea trees, soluble fiber.

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Also purchased mayonnaise no threat to the health of TRANS fats from the category of harmful processed margarine and palm and coconut oils. According to experts on diet, these fats just technologically unsuitable in the formulation of mayonnaise.

Experts found no merit in accusations of mayonnaise in that it contains a lot of dangerous for the heart and blood vessels cholesterol. “Numerous studies in recent years have shown that cholesterol from food has no negative effects on human health and is not associated directly with the level of cholesterol in the blood. Only animal fats can lead to abnormal lipid metabolism and increase the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases,” they concluded.

What is to be feared in mayonnaise is its high caloric content: 100 grams of the classic “universal” — as many as 624 kcal. In fact, doctors stress, even it’s not a big risk – but strictly under the condition of a healthy diet, avoiding harmful products. The main problem is that the consumption of mayonnaise tend to people who already eats a lot of fats, sugar, white bread and cakes, believe scientists.

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Manufacturers of mayonnaise usually use sunflower oil – source of omega-6 fatty acids, excess of which in the diet leads to blood clots, slower metabolism, increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

In cases where human nutrition is more balanced, moderate consumption of mayonnaise only diversifies the diet, in favor of the scientists.

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