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The doctors explained to us what types of fitness suitable for pregnant women

Врачи рассказали, какие виды  фитнеса подойдут для беременныхPregnancy is not a reason to abandon exercise.

In the old days, fitness and pregnancy was believed to be incompatible. Doctors advise future moms to move less in order not to harm the baby.

Today, experts in one voice say that in normal pregnancy, women can perform different types of physical activity.

The exercise provides the fetus with enough oxygen, and also helps to restore the female figure after childbirth. The combination of fitness and pregnancy will help to minimize problems such as varicose veins, weak tonus of the abdominal muscles, weak back, aching back, stretch chest muscles and extra weight.

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Fitness can be enjoyed in the hall, and can be at home, because home fitness is easy. You have not decided, it is necessary to consult with your doctor who will determine you degree of physical exertion.

When fitness during pregnancy should observe the following rules:

1. Exercise intensity should be moderate. During pregnancy, your heart rate quickens, so heavy loads can cause overheating of the fetus. In addition, a heavy load often lead to the reduction of body weight of the fetus, miscarriage or premature birth.

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2. Serious type of physical activity. Pregnant women are contraindicated strong stretching, sudden movements, swings arms when swimming, the strong curve of the back.

3. Fitness during pregnancy should be regular. Irregular exercise is a stress to the body, so physical activity he should be given a tight schedule.

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