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The doctors explained the main danger of complications of colds

Врачи объяснили основную опасность осложнения простудыUntreated, the flu is fraught with complications.

The flu is a disease that is often not taken seriously. For many small runny nose and malaise that is no reason to take for the treatment, indulging in casual Affairs. The danger of this dismissive attitude to the disease can play a cruel joke. If the cold is transferred to the legs, it is usually delayed for a long time, which only increases the likelihood of complications, which are many. Usually, complications arise in the form of inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system and ears, however, possible and completely unpredictable consequences of the cardiovascular, excretory and nervous systems. What is fraught with undertreated cold.

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Sinusitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the sinuses. This complication develops due to accumulation in the sinuses of the infectious agents that trigger the inflammatory process. Depending on the localization of the inflammatory process the following types of sinusitis:

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the maxillary sinus.

Etmoidit – a pathological process in cells of a trellised labyrinth.

Steroidit – inflammation of the sphenoid sinus.

Sinusitis is an inflammatory process in the paranasal sinus of the nose.

For sinusitis the characteristic cloudy or yellow discharge with an unpleasant odor from the nose and severe headaches. If the cause of sinusitis is a bacterial infection, but his symptoms persist for more than a week, the patient antibiotic treatment.


Common symptom of a cold is cough. Is a physiological protective reaction of the organism, thanks to which the lungs are cleaned of accumulated mucus and foreign organisms. However, cough may persist after recovery from a cold. In this case, it is necessary to consult a doctor, especially if the cough is accompanied by high fever and chills.

Bronchitis is an inflammation of the Airways in which bronchi generates a large amount of mucus. In viral infections most often develop acute bronchitis, which is characterized by pronounced symptoms. If the cough torments the patient more than 2-3 months, we speak of chronic bronchitis. The probability of chronic bronchitis increases if the patient smokes. Therefore, one of the main conditions in the treatment of chronic bronchitis is a complete cessation of Smoking (including passive).


Often on the background of developing of a cold and sore throat (acute tonsillitis). In this case the patient suffers from strong pain in the throat, worse when swallowing. Can also be enlarged lymph nodes.

Sore throat if not cured in time, the disease can become chronic. In some cases, chronic tonsillitis leads to the development of cardiovascular and renal pathologies. Therefore, in any case do not delay treatment of this illness later.


Untreated cold can turn into and acute otitis media. Most often, the common cold is complicated by otitis media in young children. The main symptom of acute otitis media is pain in the affected ear, which increases during eating and conversation. Severe forms of otitis media with severe pain require antibiotic treatment.

How to avoid complications

The most important thing is to start treatment. At the first sign of a cold it is advisable to take a sick day and rest up at home. Provide yourself a hearty drink and regularly ventilate the room. In the room where the patient is, it is advisable to install a humidifier. If colds have been mild, only these measures will be enough for a quick recovery. When pronounced symptoms of a cold it is best to consult a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

The basic rule is not to carry the flu on their feet. So, she only intensified, bringing your body more troubles.

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