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The doctors explained the dangers of artificial Christmas trees

Врачи объяснили, чем опасны искусственные елкиWhen choosing an artificial Christmas tree you should pay attention not only to its size and appearance, but also on the composition, fire resistance, and smell.

The main advantage of an artificial Christmas tree that buying it once, you solve the problem if not for life, then for the next ten years that’s for sure. So do not spare money on the “coniferous” beauty of the highest quality.

Experts say: it is better to think in advance about where you want to install.

“Why, it is believed that a good tree, this is big and broad, – says Igor Lipkin, the seller of the gift shop in the Department of trees. – But often it turns out that the buyer only house finds that the new thing does not fit into the dimensions of the room”.

Height of artificial Christmas trees range from 5 centimeters to twenty meters.
Standard ceiling height in apartments – about 2.5 meters, but do not forget that on top of still need to attach a star or other decoration, the apartment tree higher than 2 meters is better not to buy.

When choosing pay attention not only to overall appearance, but also on the strength of the needles – they should not easily break off from the tree and quickly return to its original position after a small mechanical load.

Doctors, in turn, recommend, first and foremost, pay attention to the materials from which are made artificial tree.

Just pay attention to the material from which made stand, better to prefer metal models.

“Often artificial Christmas trees are made from toxic polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material releases gases, irritating mucous membranes, because the purchase is just give up, especially if you have small children. Unscrupulous manufacturers also provide softness, strength and flexibility to the products of some chemical components. Phthalates, lead, tin or barium are quickly absorbed through the skin, spread throughout the body and accumulate in it. They are toxic to the liver and kidneys, reproductive organs, endocrine and nervous systems,” said doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

Specialist also advises to buy an artificial tree in advance and hold it out on the balcony to the part of the “volatile” harmful substances erode.

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