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The doctors explained the dangers excess of vitamin D

Медики объяснили, чем опасен избыток витамина D For bone health threat as vitamin D deficiency and its excess.

Scientists have found that excess intake of vitamin D weakens bones.

Studies experts published in the British Medical Journal.

Recently all current recommendations for intake of vitamin D was very clear. It was reported that a person needs to get to 10 micrograms per day to protect bones and muscles. However, the research of experts shows that this vitamin still is not too lean.

After analyzing hundreds of clinical studies involving tens of thousands of people, the researchers came to the conclusion that “there is sufficient evidence of the ability of supplementation with vitamin D in any way positively affect the health of the skeletal system,” unless people are in the risk group to which, for example, include representatives of older age or specific ethnic groups.

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Other experts now say that people take too much vitamin D, which can lead to a number of significant health problems and even weaken the bones, not make them more durable. The debate about it has split the scientific community into those who believe that every third has a vitamin D deficiency, and those who believe vitamin supplements are a cure for a nonexistent disease.

People are often encouraged to purchase these supplements after measuring the level of vitamin in the blood, which seems to be showing a deficit. But even in the scientific community there is no consensus about what constitutes a lack of vitamin D. For example, in the US, a level above 125 nmol/l is considered excessive and even dangerously high, and in the UK it is optimal.

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Still, most scientists suggest to the main portion of vitamin D from sun, supplements only to children and the elderly, and not trust too much the ever-changing recommendations that appear regularly in the media.

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