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The doctors explained the benefits of swimming

Медики объяснили пользу плаванияThe undeniable benefits of swimming.

The fascination of many people Jogging leaves aside many other types of sport, allowing us to maintain a beautiful figure and take care of the health. Swimming is one of them.

Hardly fair, that swimming is not neglected. So, while swimming, working all parts of our body, thanks to him, we become stronger and fitter.

In the water we feel easy and almost never get tired.

So swimming is suitable for people of any age and Constitution, even for those of us who suffer from diseases of muscles and bones.

Each of us can tailor swimming lessons to suit your individual needs. Given this, experts spoke about the benefits of this exercise for health.

1. Improves blood circulation

The movements that we make in the water, stimulate our blood circulation. In the pool we use not only hands, but also the entire musculature of the torso and lower extremities.

In this work those body parts that remain stationary during the usual visit to the gym, ankles, wrists, fingers and feet.

As for the legs, such activity is very important, because in this part of the body often have impaired circulation.

During swimming, our body is in a horizontal position. Together with the performed movements it helps to normalize blood circulation throughout the body.

2. Improves the shape

First, the swimming forces actively work our heart. This allows us to more efficiently burn fat.

The benefits of swimming ends. We are working hard, pushing the water and propelling the body forward. Because of this, our muscles remain in good shape.

To enhance this effect, we recommend you to use some special device, for example, the Board. This will allow to strengthen the work of some muscles and to reduce stress of others.

Can alternate smooth sailing with intense. The latter will increase the heart rate, and fat cells are burnt faster.

3. Reduces stress

Also swimming is good for our mental health. For practicing this sport, we need high concentration.

Like other sports, swimming stimulates the production of happy hormone serotonin and reduces the level of cortisol is associated with stress.

Unlike running, swimming requires a lot of attention. Depending on the chosen style, we have to perform certain movements. For this we need concentration. Bringing negative thoughts leave our minds.

While we are in the water, the whole world disappears for us, leaving only our body, our movements and water.

4. Relaxes the muscles

When retreating stress, our muscles are relaxed. As you know, tension and contractures occur when our muscles are too weak to confront the problems that beset us from day to day.

The movements that we perform in the water, revive to life our muscles, relaxing their tense areas.

Some of us have nervous tension leads to pain in the neck and back.

If this is your case, pay attention to swimming.

5. Increases our self-esteem

Imagine this moment, when you get out of the pool. No stress, no pain, and your figure every day is getting better. It brings great joy and satisfaction, isn’t it?..

Think about that now, only eight in the morning, and you are ready to start a fresh day full of energy and in a good mood.

As a result, you will be easier to cope with and maintain relationships with other people. Your day will be on positive wave, nice and easy, and at night you will have no problems sleeping.

This way, your self esteem will be higher, and health is stronger.

When we start the day in good health and with a positive attitude, all of it is favorable. As a result, you remain satisfied.

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