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The doctors explained the benefit of regular consumption of sea buckthorn

Медики объяснили пользу регулярного употребления облепихиDoctors believe that sea buckthorn is an extraordinary healthy gastrointestinal tract.

Sea buckthorn is often called the “Queen” of berries that have healing properties. And all because this berry contains all elements necessary for maintaining health at a high level.

Medics together with experts of folk medicine are absolutely United in the opinion that sea buckthorn should be consumed if not every day then at least every other day, all women regardless of age. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

There are still five good reasons that should compel you to lean on sea-buckthorn as often as possible:

1. Normalizes metabolism, removes waste and toxins from the body. Just a couple of weeks use sea buckthorn infusion people might notice that his bowel began to work as the “clock” at the same time. Moreover, over time, recede into the background problems with bloating and excessive flatulence causing terrible discomfort.

2. Protects your head from hair loss. Corny, but sea buckthorn is a daily use able to take care of your hair. For those who have naturally thin, brittle and falling hair, is to — to lay to the yellow berry, and the problem will be solved in the near future. By the way, in order to your hair always remained strong and shiny sea-buckthorn can not only used as food but also as an infusion for rinsing hair.

3. Strengthens the nervous system. Sea buckthorn in its composition is a powerful antidepressant of a natural origin, so instead of pills, you can use the berries for the psyche and health equally well. This berry contains a substance that promotes the production of the hormone serotonin in the blood, which is more popularly known as the hormone of “pleasure.” Especially useful for sea buckthorn emotional people who are exposed to stress daily.

4. Improves the skin’s appearance. In this case, it is necessary to consume berries in its purest form and in the form of oil. Experts ensure that the special composition of sea buckthorn oil has a positive effect on fabric and skin cells, thus reducing its structure to disappear inflamed lesions, evens the complexion, the skin becomes more elastic, soft and velvety.

5. Increases libido in women and men. Sea buckthorn – an aphrodisiac same as oysters. So if you had problems on the personal front, it is necessary to diversify the diet with the help of jam or tea from the berries.

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