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The doctors explained that healthier: butter or margarine

Врачи объяснили, что полезнее: масло или маргаринCheaper or healthier?

The difference between butter and margarine really exists, but both products have their pros and cons.

Then, when the whole world was a pleasure to eat butter, the French scientist created a cheaper product, margarine. Made it out of cheap vegetable oils. On view are like oil and is good spread on bread. All thanks to the hydrogenation of fats – chemical process of conversion of liquid into solid form, but such chemicals for the human body is not useful.

“Hydrogenated oil, unfortunately, is very harmful to our blood vessels, as it is poorly absorbed. It is a poisonous substance that disrupts our liver, intestines, the vascular wall, causes inflammation, not to mention the extra weight,” says nutritionist Lyudmila Goncharova.

Margarine was doing to rescue the soldiers from hunger. But as this dangerous product for the poor not only appeared on our shelves, but took the place on our table?

“The license for this product bought the American company that produced margarine. And they this product has modified, optimized, made it so that would have the most resembled oil. They added certain flavours, emulsifiers”.

From that moment began a triumphal procession of margarine into the us market. For this it was necessary to get rid of its main competitor – oil. Into the hands of the producers played the then fashion for low-fat products. The Time magazine has branded the oil as the enemy’s health. Like, it fat as in margarine – light vegetable oil and no cholesterol.

Numerous advertising argued from butter fat, heart problems and lose virility. Margarine, on the contrary, then you and slender figure, and men’s health, all thanks to this miracle product.

Selling oil fell sharply, the leaders had escaped margarine. Then you had the studies that reported fats that are in butter and which is margarine harmful. But no one can rule out that the studies were faked.

70 years, the world willingly eat margarine, while in 2014 the oil got revenge. Thanks to the cover of Time magazine – “eat butter” meant that scientists finally identified the benefits of fat. It turned out he was right, for example, to skin elasticity. However, in reasonable quantity and without bread. But it’s too late? After all, the producers managed to crank out not the Scam in the food industry, to defame a competitor to sell a new product.

Cheaper and healthier – the Bible of margarine. But the truth was only the first paragraph.

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