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The doctors explained how zucchini can affect vision

Врачи объяснили, как кабачки могут повлиять на зрениеAnnounced use zucchini for health and beautiful body.

Zucchini – vegetable that can help you saturate the body with vitamin C.

Read our article: why you need to eat zucchini more often.

It can be good for your heart

Zucchini contain a sufficient amount of potassium – 295 milligrams per Cup, which is 8% of the recommended daily allowance. According to the American heart Association, potassium helps control blood pressure, as it reduces the adverse effects of salt on the body.

You can eat the flowers

Despite the fact that we are used to eat the fruit of the zucchini, its flowers, is also edible. The best ways to cook the flowers is to fry them in batter or stuff with different filling.

Contained in the zucchini potassium reduces stroke risk and lowers your chances of developing heart disease. Courgettes also contain the important antioxidant vitamin C, which lowers blood pressure and strengthens blood vessels.

One zucchini contains 20 milligrams of vitamin C, which is 33% of the daily value.

Zucchini – a low calorie product

Zucchini is considered a perfect side dish for a heavy meal: calorie one squash – about 19 calories. It is 40-50% less than the same portion of the other low-calorie green vegetables such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

And since zucchini is so useful, you can enjoy it in any form – fried, stewed, in the form of various rolls with different fillings. In addition, you can cook zucchini on the grill, adding herbs to create a wonderful aroma.

Of course, you can add zucchini to your spaghetti recipes, but you can use them instead of spaghetti. Courgettes are a great alternative to pasta, they are easy and quick to prepare.

Why you need to have zucchini more often?

Phosphorus and magnesium contained in the squash, is beneficial for supporting bone health. They are especially necessary to women to avoid osteoporosis.

In addition, the squash contain potassium, copper, folate, Riboflavin, zinc, iron, calcium and vitamin K, making them a very valuable product.

Zucchini contain vitamin a and lutein compounds which help to preserve vision.

Regular consumption of zucchini can reduce the painful symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

The risk of heart problems and strokes can be minimized, since the regular use of this herbal product reduces the level of homocysteine, which causes a stroke.

Zucchini is a very healthy and nutritious vegetable for your body. So try to use it more often.

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