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The doctors explained how women affect men’s health

Врачи объяснили, как женщины влияют на здоровье мужчинExperts conducted a study involving a half million couples.

It was found that the level of intelligence of the wife directly affects the health status of the spouse.

The results obtained have been associated with what is usually solution associated with the lifestyle of the family, it takes a wife.

In particular, the woman regulates the diet of the family. That is, the higher the level of education of the wife, the better decisions it takes. The men’s intelligence similar effects on the health of his wife has not.

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Meanwhile, the man in the family is one of the key roles. Because it is often the male is the primary and the only breadwinner in the family.

The generated family wealth allows families diet products of the best quality, and to determine the living conditions of the family, to relax, etc.

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This is also an important factor for the health of the couple.

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