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The doctors explained how to identify a migraine

Врачи объяснили, как определить мигрень Named the main symptoms of advanced disease.

In addition to the headache, there are several symptoms by which you can recognize a migraine.

On the planet lives a few tens of millions of people suffering from migraines. Moreover, most of them women.

But with such a wide prevalence of this disease, few know that it is accompanied by a variety of symptoms, not just severe, pulsating pain in the head.

Physicians are reminded about the characteristic and symptoms of migraine that are usually ignored:

— insomnia and other sleep disorders;

stuffy nose and watery eyes can indicate an approaching attack of migraine;

— before you start because of a migraine headache, the person might want something sweet, such as chocolate;

— aching and pounding from one side of the head;

— migraine can start to hurt my eyes, or rather, in the field behind them.

— at the beginning of a migraine attack pain can occur in the back of his neck, and then go to the head;

— frequent urge to urinate often act as a “bell” that warns about the onset of a migraine attack;

— frequent yawning also indicates that may soon head ache;

— most people who suffer from migraine symptoms such as nausea and vomiting;

— problems with speech, but this symptom can indicate a stroke, so it is better to call an ambulance;

often the migraine is accompanied by dizziness and double vision;

after his head stopped hurting, the person feels like he’s got a hangover, that is experiencing severe weakness, inability to concentrate, and he’s dizzy and wants to retire from all in a secluded and dark place.

The best way out is to appeal to the doctor, who will deliver an accurate diagnosis and if it is indeed migraine, then it will be assigned a special treatment to get rid of unpleasant symptoms.

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