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The doctors explained how to deal with motion sickness

Врачи объяснили, как справиться с укачиваниемAccording to statistics, 70% of people suffer from motion sickness.

Moreover, it may occur in them in different types of transport from planes to ships and even cars.

The sickness has well-defined symptoms: nausea, vomiting, unwell, feeling short of breath. Particularly sensitive to pitching to transport children. But adults often suffer from this condition. What is the reason of feeling unwell during travel and how to rectify the situation.

Why shakes

Some people may feel sick even in a traffic jam, for example, if the car jerks intermittently, stopping abruptly and as sharply moving. For other test be sharp turns and winding path. The third is just starting to feel nauseous from the first seconds of the trip. For maintaining equilibrium is a complex system, in which the most important components is the cerebellum and the inner ear, also include eyes, the tension receptors of the muscles and ligaments, the thalamus and several centers in the brain. To brain centers that integrate all the information about the body’s position in space, functioned well, they need a good blood supply. It provides most of the blood supplied from branches of the vertebral artery. Obstruction of blood flow may occur due to injury during birth, including cesarean section. If the bones of the child moves even a millimeter, it entails a lot of unpleasant symptoms. The shifted bones lose their mobility and impede arterial blood flow.

With birth injuries in the first place, it compressed the vertebral artery supplying the cerebellum and other areas of the brain stem. In the case of a child shortly after birth begins to rock in transport. This is not a characteristic of a child or an adult, as is sometimes said! This is a serious symptom that needs attention. With the same birth trauma, by the way, it is also linked children’s excessive clumsiness. If you notice that the child falls literally “out of the blue”, his unsteady gait, unsteadiness, you should take him to a specialist, because it is also the symptoms of circulatory disorders of the brain regions responsible for the balance.

Dizziness in adults

Often with age the sickness passes, and the child begins to better tolerate travel in any transport. Then say that the child has “outgrown” the problem. But this is not true. Just as they grow, improving the functioning of the brain and this happens in all people. But the injury, of course, has not disappeared, and it necessarily manifested elsewhere, and other symptoms.

In adults dizziness, blackouts or fainting may occur after sudden waking up from the squatting position, from horizontal, in cases of serious violations — even after turning or tilting the head. This symptom in adults indicates serious violations of cerebral blood flow. The reason for such signs, as a rule, is the combination of birth trauma and gross acquired injury to the occipital region, which deteriorates the function of the head vessels, especially the vertebral artery.

If you are constantly feeling dizzy, without even seeing the ultrasound results, it can be argued that your cerebral blood flow is impaired. No wonder stroke (acute circulatory disturbance of the brain) begin with the sudden dizziness. Of course, the degree of violation are different, because the severity of injuries are all different too. Therefore, someone who experiences only a slight dizziness, but someone’s head is spinning so much that it’s hard to stand up.

How to fight?

Motion sickness and dizziness — common complaints when referring to the osteopath. Children are easily treatable. But it is not necessary to expect that in one session this unpleasant symptom will be eliminated, and the child will become easy to travel in public transport and will easily master the bike and the scooter. But although motion sickness and dizziness at any age indicate serious injury in the past which require a long time to cure, a positive tendency is planned, as a rule, already after the first appointment with a qualified osteopath. In children with wobbly gait, which was subject to frequent drops, the situation also improved after the first session. After the bones are positioned correctly, is gradually recovering and the lumen of the vertebral artery. Centers of the nervous system responsible for balance and coordination, begin to function better and the child begins to quietly endure long trips by car, stops too often to fall with ease mastered a balance bike, a scooter or a Bicycle, it becomes more graceful and coordinated.

As for the dizziness in adults, then in any case can not let it go. Violation of cerebral circulation is a pretty serious symptom. If time does not take care of your health in the long term must be to suffer the memory of the person will not be able to think clearly, in more advanced cases develop Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, these patients are often observed depressed mood and bleak Outlook on life in General. Therefore, the appearance of dizziness, it is better to consult a good specialist, to keep a clear mind and a good memory for years to come.

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