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The doctors explained how the sauerkraut affects the heart

Медики объяснили, как квашеная капуста влияет на сердцеSix valuable properties of sauerkraut health.

In the cold it is especially important to eat right because it helps not to get sick: food in the body receives all the essential for the immune system.

One of the best products of the winter diet is sauerkraut.

It’s called irreplaceable and unmatched, and the value of this product is not exaggerated.

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From pickled vegetables the human body gets valuable to it components, probiotics, prebiotics, fiber and enzymes. In your Commonwealth, these substances provide a strong immune system, persistent hormonal balance and harmony.

Sauerkraut heals the intestines. Thanks to the sauerkraut in the gut multiply and aktiviziruyutsya beneficial bacteria that protect against pathogenic microorganisms, Candida, viral and fungal infections. Sauerkraut juice contains the amino acid L-glutamine which heals the gut wall. This cabbage is regarded as a great prophylactic against stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Sauerkraut improves the condition of hair and teeth. In half a Cup of sauerkraut contains the daily norm of vitamin K, have a strengthening effect on hair and teeth.

Sauerkraut protects from heart problems. This effect is associated with its costumegalore b vitamins In sauerkraut contains many substances that are valuable because of their ability to exert anti-inflammatory effects, lowers cholesterol.

Cabbage supplies vitamin C. This vitamin is important to get from food because it is not synthesized by the body. Contained in sauerkraut vitamin C protects the body from carcinogens. In the winter, according to the experts, sauerkraut is more content-rich source of vitamin C than citrus fruits, which he lost because of storage conditions and long transportation.

Sauerkraut is a simultaneous source of probiotics and prebiotics. The composition of sauerkraut valuable a huge number of important beneficial bacteria – not only lactobacilli but also bifidobacteria. In this regard, the product may even exceed the tableted probiotics. Many people have digestive system is damaged due to excessive use of antibiotics and other drugs, as well as due to the influence of the increased content in the environment of heavy metals, processed foods. Probiotiki are a powerful support to the immune system, help cure diseases that occur due to toxins and poor nutrition.

Sauerkraut promotes weight loss. In the juice of sauerkraut is present tartronovaya acid. Thanks to her dietary carbohydrates are not transformirovalsya by the body into fat, and fully used as an energy fuel.

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