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The doctors explained how the beans might affect the pressure

Медики объяснили, как фасоль может повлиять на давлениеExperts told about the beneficial properties of the beans.

In clinical and folk medicine has long been known that in addition to the undeniable nutritional qualities of beans also has healing properties.

The most effective in the following cases:

Cholesterol: Regular consumption of beans is a good way to maintain normal cholesterol levels. The experiment, conducted in the USA demonstrated that daily consumption of 120 g of beans for three weeks improves this figure by 10%.

Possible cause: this operation – the contents in beans dietary fiber (15,2%) that eluted cholesterol and its precursors (bile salts) from the intestine and prepare to eliminate them with a chair.

Constipation and diseases of the colon: a High content in the beans cellulose fibers (20% by weight) makes it an effective tool in combating constipation, as well as in the prevention of diverticulitis and malignant tumors of the colon and rectum.

Hypertension: Beans is ideal for use by people with high blood pressure (hypertension), as it contains little sodium and much potassium.

Anemia and the period of convalescence: It is a legume content over 10.4 mg/100 g Fe, more than meat or spinach (both products contain approximately 3 mg/100 g). This makes it an ideal food for patients suffering from anemia and nutrient deficiencies.

Even herbalists gave General explanations for the preparation and consumption of beans.

Cooked: beans is used in a large number of dishes. It cannot be eaten raw. Beans cook better in soft water (low in calcium). It is best to soak the beans in cold water several hours before cooking.

Boiled and pureed kidney beans is cooked when it is necessary to remove the skin. The skin is the least digestible part of beans, it can cause bloating.

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