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The doctors discovered another harm from Smoking

Медики обнаружили еще один вред от куренияNicotine dependence leads to sleep disturbances

Smokers feel tired after waking up and not being able to sleep soundly throughout the night. Restless sleep, according to scientists, is another negative side of Smoking, which destroys the human body.

Such violations can be associated with the fact that at night when a person is resting, the smoker is exposed to the “exit” of nicotine from the body, that is, the stage of the lack of nicotine. This process leads to disruption of sleep, scientists believe. The results of the study were published in the journal Chest.

According to Dr. Naresh Punjabi (Naresh M. Punjabi) from the University in Baltimore, smokers are subject to periodic destructive effects of nicotine during sleep. Due to the stimulatory effect of cigarette smokers are experiencing difficulty while falling asleep and feel tired after waking up.

Dr. Punjabi together with his colleagues conducted a survey of 40 people who were regular smokers, and 40 nonsmokers. It was found that 22.5% of smokers suffer from restless sleep compared with 5% of non-smokers. Smoking also leads to the fact that a person can not sleep a deep sleep: his sleep is intermittent and not strong.

According to scientists, many people are unable to quit Smoking because of the fact that they constantly do not get enough sleep, feel overwhelmed, and unable to control his actions at the required level. Therefore, in order to get rid of the problem of lack of sleep, you need to first get rid of nicotine addiction.

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