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The doctors denied the benefits of daytime sleep

Медики опровергли пользу дневного сна In some cases the sleep may even be harmful to the body.

The scientific staff of the University of Washington stated that the need to sleep during the day may indicate probable health issues: in particular, according to them, this need is correlated with an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

American scientists claim that the need for daytime sleep disappears after 7 years, and normally if one has reached old age and has no serious health problems should not want to sleep in the daytime. But a study involving 189 people showed that people who have early signs of Alzheimer’s disease often experience daytime sleepiness and, if possible, always sleep during the day, primarily due to the fact that at night they feel uncharacteristic for this time of day activity.

Neurologist Olga Lubina said in an interview that the day sleeping is not as helpful as many think. According to the doctor, most adults have a habit to sleep during the day sooner or later lead to problems with night sleep. In turn, sleep at night associated with increased risk of many diseases or exacerbation of chronic conditions.

“To sleep during the day is good only for small children and the elderly, who because of their age disturbed sleep and wakefulness,” explained the neurologist.

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