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The doctors called the sweetness, which need to eat every day

Врачи назвали сладость, которую необходимо есть каждый деньNamed the best sweetness to prolong the youth.

Under scientific experiments, the animals received the dietary flavonoid epicatechin is a compound that is rich in dark chocolate. As a result, rodents markedly improved memory function, as well as several times to reduce the level of anxiety, which in turn was associated with a decrease in markers of oxidative stress and inflammation of the nervous tissue.

“Dark chocolate can reduce triglycerides and increase insulin sensitivity. In addition, he has shown the ability to fight systemic inflammation, and, in fact, it will help people not to age,” stated the final analysis of California specialists.

Note that scientists have issued a call to declare dark chocolate product, a must for daily use. According to some experts, the degree of their potential health this product surpasses even fruit. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to them, a compound in cocoa, which is prepared from dark chocolate, stimulate growth of skin cells and contribute to wrinkles. In addition, cocoa strengthens blood vessels and improves blood circulation of heart and brain.

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