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The doctors called the main danger of high cholesterol

Врачи назвали главную опасность повышенного уровня холестеринаDoctors are advised to monitor cholesterol levels, otherwise the higher levels can adversely affect health.

Cholesterol is a substance that enters the human body through fatty foods. A small portion of the cholesterol the body uses pure form of fried and very fatty foods, and the rest of the liver produces. Cholesterol is not soluble in water and in fat – on the contrary.

That would be about the dangers of cholesterol did not speak, and it is necessary for the human body, because it acts as a building material. It is very important to prevent the increase of its level, because it fills one of the most important vital systems – circulatory system.

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Cholesterol leads to irreversible processes

Filled with cholesterol vessels affect blood circulation, reducing the level of blood oxygen and nutrients. For human health and vascular health of the whole organism, as soon as you begin to develop any violations in the blood vessels, immediately there are problems with the heart and other organs, so it is impossible to allow that they were clogged with cholesterol and cholesterol plaques.

The diseases sooner or later will lead to increased levels of cholesterol:

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– atherosclerosis, the disease can develop in a relatively young person;

– angina;

– heart attack;

– stroke;

– oxygen starvation of the brain;

– sudden heart failure and death.

As we can see, the consequences of high cholesterol can be too dangerous to be allowed.

Doctors say that the most important means to reduce “bad” cholesterol in the blood is a well-balanced diet, drinking enough water, avoiding harmful habits and convenience foods, and fast food.

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