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The doctors called the effective treat for cancer prevention

Врачи назвали эффективное лакомство для профилактики ракаDoctors have called the most healthy dessert.

Usually sweet called chocolate, but apart from him, as it turned out, the diet must include marmalade.

Its use contributes to more active excretion of toxic components, whose accumulation leads to the development of tumors.

Marmalade is actually much more useful than previously thought. According to doctors, the use of marmalade and “sister” to him jam and marmalade heals the body, – provided that these treats do not abuse.

Researchers conducted a series of experiments that showed that the use of jelly products positively affect the state of the digestive tract, improves the stomach.

But the major healing effect from eating marmalade is that it helps the body to get rid of harmful substances coming from the external environment and from food. This product effectively stimulates the excretion of heavy metals, by-products of metabolism, anabolic steroids, bile acids, toxic ingredients, and cholesterol, said experts.

“The benefits of jujube health of the body comparable to the benefits of chocolate. Chocolate, perhaps, ranks first among all the sweets of popularity, and exceeds the marmalade that is a strong antidepressant. But marmalade has another advantage – its calorie content is much lower than chocolate so it is much safer for the figure,” – said, in particular, doctors.

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