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The doctors called sharply complicating coronavirus disease

Врачи назвали резко осложняющее коронавирус заболевание

Scientists from China, followed the outbreak of the coronavirus in its initial outbreak, Wuhan city, reported stronger other who threatens to die of a new disease. According to information of JAMA journal of Cardiology, the risk group includes people with disruption of the cardiovascular system.

Mortality rate from coronavirus is almost four times higher in diseased heart and blood vessels, stress the researchers. Such problems were found “every fifth ill a resident of Wuhan,” which, according to the authors, “explains the high level” of deaths among the hospitalized.

In addition, the presence of cardiac diseases, patients are more likely 10 times due to work angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (АПФ2) noted the development of pneumonia in the heavy form.

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