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The doctors called products, which you can’t eat on an empty stomach

Врачи назвали продукты, которые нельзя есть на голодный желудокWhat products are useful to have on an empty stomach, and what to avoid.

It would seem that if you’re hungry, on an empty stomach can eat everything, because when an empty stomach is increasingly demanding at least some food, to think about influence on an organism of those or other products absolutely do not want. In fact, a Cup of strong coffee, fresh orange juice and a croissant is not a very healthy Breakfast, as he proved.

The doctors told which products on an empty stomach will do more harm than good, and what, on the contrary, it is safe to eat even on an empty stomach.

Products that are better not to eat on an empty stomach


Snack cake just as Breakfast chocolate croissant, sounds pretty seductive, while the body is a direct path to diabetes.

The fact is that our pancreas will be able to handle a giant amount of insulin supplied with lots of sweets and causing a sharp spike in blood sugar. Try not to abandon all kinds of desserts to get rid of sugar addiction and for Breakfast choose something more healthy, but equally delicious and satisfying.


Harmless by themselves, bananas, eaten on an empty stomach, more likely will bring you more harm than good.

Large amounts of magnesium and potassium contained in this fruit, capable to balance magnesium-potassium balance in the body and as a result, harm the cardiovascular system. If you’re going to eat a banana after the main meal, their beneficial properties and all the vitamins absorb much better.


Many of us just can not imagine a good day starting without a Cup of strong brewed coffee. It is around this popular beverage formed most of the myths about his alleged harm, or the absolute benefit. Despite the fact that the pros strongly outweigh the arguments against, some contraindications are relatively refreshing beverage is still available.

If you drink coffee on an empty stomach, we contribute to excess production of gastric juice, which leads to irritation and light discomfort at best, and at worst — to gastritis or even ulcers.

Cold sodas

All cold drinks from which you start your day or just choose for a snack, have a direct impact on the complex process of metabolism in the body, which are constantly in need of support.

We suggest before Breakfast drink a glass of still water at room temperature so you start the process of digestion, will contribute to accelerate metabolism, prevent dehydration and make your skin (the simplest cool water cleanses the body of toxins, restoring skin radiance and a healthy glow).

Foods that contain yeast

Pastries and any foods containing yeast — not the best choice if you are very hungry.

It yeast products are the main culprits that after eating we are suffering from high gas and also experienced a feeling of heaviness and discomfort. If you can’t give up hot pastries for Breakfast, try to cook it without yeast: for example, you can not deny yourself even in your favorite pancakes.

Spicy food

Too spicy or rich variety of seasonings food eaten on an empty stomach, can cause heartburn and stomach pain, as well as contribute to various disorders in the digestive system.

The same applies, for example, onions or garlic, the last being a rich source of allicin, a substance that promotes irritation of the gastric mucosa.

Green vegetables

Green raw vegetables rich in amino acids and other quite aggressive to the stomach lining substances. If you regularly have Breakfast or eat exclusively vegetables, one day the body may begin to signal such diseases as gastritis or ulcer.

Choose fresh vegetables as a side dish to the main dish, such as eggs lean meat or poultry or cook them for a couple.


It is unlikely that you will choose to start their day with a Breakfast that contains only tomatoes, but if you like to eat a few cherry tomatoes, remember that tomatoes are known for their high acid content, which increases the secretion of gastric juice, causing indigestion and discomfort.

By the way, the same effect on our body persimmons, potatoes, and citrus: their or even should not eat on an empty stomach, or need to “dilute” other products.

Products that become more useful, if eaten on an empty stomach


Porridge — the perfect Breakfast: it’s the energy boost, vitamins and minerals, which your body will need all day.

For Breakfast choose oatmeal or rice porridge: they help to reduce cholesterol levels and, due to the high content of fiber, beneficial to digestion, and increase efficiency, strengthening the cardiovascular system and the immune system.

Do not forget about the existence of semolina, corn, wheat and buckwheat — same as oatmeal, they literally wrap the stomach, protecting its mucous membrane, and contribute to the normal work of metabolism.


Eggs — one of the most healthy products which you should definitely include in your diet. A large number of vitamins and minerals and a long feeling of satiety is only a few advantages, which can boast this low-calorie product.

And for those who are scratching their heads, what else can you cook with eggs, but just plain scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs, we highly recommend you to find a new favorite recipe for Breakfast — there are a great many.


Nuts are rich in healthy fats, and their high energy value makes them a great option for a quick, tasty and healthy snack.

If you eat a handful of nuts for Breakfast, metabolism will begin to work like clockwork, the level of cholesterol in the blood will decrease and your skin, nails and hair will be very grateful to the large dose of vitamin b and healthy fats.

Walnuts and cashews suggest there are people engaged in heavy physical or mental work; almonds, pistachios and pine nuts can help in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and low immune system, and hazelnuts, and peanuts will be extremely helpful for stress and low performance.


Lovers of juicy watermelon will be especially nice to eat soft slices of this sweet berries. Despite the fact that it is 90% consists of water that Breakfast is a definite plus, watermelon contains a lot of vitamins (e.g., vitamins a and C, antioxidants) and minerals (potassium, calcium and magnesium).

Watermelons are considered one of the best detox products: sweet flavor, small calories, eliminate excess fluid, toxins from the body, high in fiber and a quick feeling of fullness — I think the best way to start your day just does not exist.

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