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The doctors called major mistakes in nutrition

Врачи назвали главные ошибки в питанииEven those who think that follows the rules of healthy eating, in violation of his principles almost daily.

Many of us come to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, as its component parts, only through experiments on his body.

In order to prevent serious violations of, offered today to revise eating habits and look for the following common mistakes in nutrition.

Eating strictly by the hour. Habituate your body to feeding time, man intervenes in the natural course of reactions and processes, thereby accelerating or slowing them. For example, it is scientifically proven that the human stomach secretes digestive juices more than three times a day.

Accordingly, there is hunger even before the designated lunch or dinner and during the meal absorbs so much more of food that is allocated now is not enough juice for proper processing. The remnants of undigested food are amenable to the processes of fermentation, putrefaction, causing a number of diseases. The solution is simple: you need to eat more often and at the request of the body, but smaller, with equal portions.

Continuous snacking. How You were busy and in demand, in the pursuit of success we must not forget about proper lunch. Even a few wholesome snacks throughout the working day will not replace a comprehensive meal with the obligatory hot dish. But the tastes makes up for the lack of power, should be light – fruit, vegetables, nuts, yogurt, etc.

The rejection of Breakfast. Long breaks between meals (over 12 hours) is not recommended because it can cause disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. So after a night when reduced the level of glucose in the blood, you need to surprise your body with delicious and nutritious Breakfast, which will be the energy source for excellent physical and mental health.

Late dinner. This error usually committed by pathological “owl”, which in the morning is impossible not what to feed, to raise the bed! But in the evening after a busy day at work they are ready without control and measures to restore power, the abundant absorption of food. So You load the stomach, the activity of which decreases in the evening.

The unspent energy from the excess food forms of fat reserves. To avoid excess weight, you should eat at least 3 hours before bedtime, and the last meal should be light weight, preferably milk and fruit.

Quick absorption of food. The rhythm of modern life is gaining unreal speed. Therefore, in order to have time to implement all plans in life, many eat on the go, and for a few moments. These daily marathons may even one day stop the gastrointestinal tract due to excessive load. Accordingly, for each meal you need to spend 20-30 minutes, especially because after a time there comes a feeling of satiety.

The abundance of meat dishes. Typical meat eaters are considered men, in the subconscious which is the instinct of the miner and hunter. Although many women have a passion for meat dishes and delicacies. However, for good heart function, strengthen the musculoskeletal system a couple times a week, replace meat with fish, poultry, dairy products that are good for the body and is digested better.

The love of salt. Douliana literally every dishes have problems with the kidneys, heart, blood vessels, vision. It is important to observe rate – 5 g per day (approximately to teaspoon). If the body needs salt, it is desirable to include in the diet of salty foods and not salt in its pure form.

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