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The doctors called Kashi, reducing blood pressure

Врачи назвали каши, снижающие артериальное давлениеHigh blood pressure need to eat fractionally.

High blood pressure is a common problem in the modern world. You need to understand that not every power is useful for hypertensive patients.

About the foods that you can eat people suffering from this problem.

Food for hypertensive patients: General principles
Quite often in contemporary reality high blood pressure is observed already at a relatively young age – 30-35 years. But still live and live! Therefore it is very important to follow certain rules to maintain health at the proper level. Because the pressure depends on various factors, including the supply. If a person does not adhere to healthy food, even expensive drugs can be ineffective in the relief of symptoms.

First, hypertensive patients need to eat fractionally. A day to make five or six receptions.

Second, the calorie content should be distributed. So, 15 percent of the diet should consist of proteins, 55 percent carbohydrates and 30 percent fats. In the latter case, you should choose vegetable fats, not animal.

Thirdly, the amount of salt in the human diet with high blood pressure should be limited to five grams. Ideally it is better to abandon it, as it retains water, increases swelling and increases the pressure. But you don’t need it, right?

Fourth, you need to drink enough water. It is important for anyone, but primarily for hypertensive.

Permitted foods for hypertension
There are a number of products that can lead to stabilization at high pressure. We list a number of important.

Garlic is one of the best natural remedies for hypertension. This vegetable has antioxidants and essential nutrients to improve the condition. It should therefore be added to the diet daily.

Cinnamon – this Supplement is useful for hypertensive patients. In addition, cinnamon helps reduce blood sugar levels and increase the metabolism.

Celery – it can help to reduce blood pressure. You can eat both the vegetable and the juice from the celery. In the latter case, you can add apples to make the taste more pleasant.

Bow – in cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure without this vegetable is simply not enough. Ideally it should be consumed in its raw form, but more importantly, not fried.

Soya beans – these beans will not only reduce pressure but also to control blood sugar.

Kashi is the best suited wheat, buckwheat and barley.

Bread – the perfect vehicle is dried wholemeal bread. Also useful to use bread and pastry brands in the dried form.

Seafood – perfect fish dishes, baked fish. But salty foods must be discarded in order not to provoke unnecessary problems with pressure.

Eggs two times a day you need to eat chicken eggs. You can eat them in any form, but preferably not fried.

Dairy products – at elevated pressure can eat cheese, sour cream, kefir, fermented baked milk.

Beans in this product contains a huge amount of nutrients, fiber and other important body components. In particular, the beans can reduce blood pressure and strengthen the heart.

Meat – but not all. Perfect for the hypertensive only dietary meat boiled (chicken, Turkey, beef). You can also include in your diet the rabbit and the veal.

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