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The doctors called harmful property of Mandarin

Врачи назвали вредное свойство мандаринThe danger lies in the peel.

Before use, the tangerines should be washed! Many people think that once we clean Mandarin, and wash it is not necessary. But be careful: in the peel of tangerines lies many dangers.

Carriers cover the green fruit by ethylene, which refers to toxic substances and accumulates in the liver. Such mandarins sticky to the touch. During the cleaning of the fruit all harmful substances on hands and then on the pulp. Not brush your teeth tangerines.Appearance

Tangerines with green spots indicate a disease of the fruit. Unnatural waxy sheen on the skin so that the mandarins were treated with fungicides.

Do it to protect the fruit from fungus. But in large doses fungicides can cause kidney failure. Especially their deleterious effect is enhanced by alcohol consumption. The surface of Mandarin should be rough by nature.

When you press on the fruit, are dents from your fingers. Mandarins seem to be wet. This means that they were heavily frosted. To use these fruits is not advised.The larvae of fruit flies

Mediterranean flies are dangerous pests. They feed on the peel of fruits and vegetables. The tracks of larvae can be seen on a tangerine peel in places rotting and flowering.

When eating these tangerines, there is a risk to become infected with the larvae of parasites and to poisoning.A pronounced citrus aroma is one of the main quality characteristics of the fruit. Each variety of Mandarin has a unique taste. If you’re a fan of sweet, choose Spanish tangerines. They are seedless and have a bright orange color. Turkish mandarins yellowish and sour.

Tangerines from Morocco resemble oranges. They are insanely sweet. Tangerines from Abkhazia have bones, easy to clean, juicy with sour-sweet taste.

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