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The doctors called harmful everyday actions

Врачи назвали вредные повседневные действияMany people damage their health without even knowing it: according to therapists, the body can harm the usual daily activities. What, in their opinion, should pay special attention to?

Experts voiced their comments about common everyday habits.

In particular, they called unsafe manner to constantly chew on pencils or pens (in General, solid objects). If this habit becomes obsessive, sharply increases the risk to undermine the roots of the teeth, warned the doctors. Also not the most useful and proper, in their opinion, is a habit to go to bed in socks (especially made of synthetic materials). Gum on the toes may adversely affect circulation in the legs, break the venous outflow, the experts said.

The habit of taking a shower every day many find laudable trait of cleanliness, but the physicians treat it with skepticism. Daily washing under the shower, primarily with the use of different foaming and deep cleansing deprives the epidermis of lipids, thanks to which the skin remains moisturized and smooth, and, moreover, washes the surface of the body of beneficial protective bacteria.

Is it good for Jogging? According to experts, Jogging increases the risk of developing arthritis in the knee joints and overall are shown not all. Before Jogging, you need to consult with your doctor.

Drying with a hair dryer – another daily routine, which experts advise to refrain. Despite the care and masks, constant blow-drying wet hair will lead to the fact that the condition of the hair will irreversibly begin to deteriorate, experts said.

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