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The doctors called effective products for strong bones

Врачи назвали эффективные продукты для укрепления костейNutritionists called the new useful properties of cocoa.

Products, containing cacao, are the previously unknown source of large amounts of vitamin D2.

To such conclusion the research made by scientists from Halle-Wittenberg University and the Institute of max Rubner.

According to experts, the vitamin D is crucial for the human body and its deficiency can increase the risk of respiratory diseases, rickets and osteoporosis. Vitamin has two types: D2 and D3. Vitamin D3 is produced in human skin when exposed to sun and covers 90% of the body’s needs. The remaining part is absorbed through food: for example, fatty fish or chicken eggs. Most vitamin D2 in cocoa butter and dark chocolate and the least in white chocolate. This vitamin is also found in mushrooms, but many people receive less. It turned out that after drying cocoa beans in the sun occurs in them the transformation of precursor vitamin D into vitamin D2.

However, despite its discovery, nutritionists do not recommend to consume large amount of chocolate to cover the deficit of vitamin D2, as this may damage your health due to high content in a tile of fat and sugar.

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