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The doctors called effective products for bowel cleansing

Врачи назвали эффективные продукты для очищения кишечникаThe doctors told me how to clean the intestines without harm to health.

The diet must include foods that stimulating the motor function of the intestine.

To cleanse and correct the digestive tract should drink daily on an empty stomach 1 glass of water.

It activates the internal organs and sets the necessary tone for the whole day. Water should not be cold, the best temperature – human body temperature, says Natalia Kostina-Cassanelli in the book “Clean vessels, joints, liver, blood. 1000 folk therapies”.

The diet should be complete, with the distribution of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the proportion 1:1:4 respectively. For intestinal health nutritionists strongly recommend a regular 4 or 5 meals a day and chew your food thoroughly.

The diet must include foods that stimulate motor function of the intestine, and products that cause fermentation and putrefaction in the intestines, should be avoided. Very useful for vegetarian soups and borscht, but a large amount of meat, boiled eggs and bakery products may not like your intestines. Dry food contributes to the formation of fecal stones. For intestinal healthy foods consumed in fresh, boiled or baked, and fried foods with a crust. Useful steam meals. Fiber – the best friend gut! Therefore, it is necessary to eat a large plate of vegetable salad.

Foods good for your colon

Bran. Stimulate peristalsis, are a good prevention of psoriasis.

Carrots. Very useful for digestion due to its cleansing properties. Contains large amounts of fiber, which plays the role of “brush” in the body. In addition, carrots destroys pathogens, which was confirmed by data for medical research. Also carrots are good for the intestinal mucosa due to the presence of carotene.

Beets, cabbage. Good source of fiber. They cleanse the intestines, stimulate peristalsis.

Garlic. Contains volatile. Kills the pathogens in the gut, and is useful for dysbiosis.

Med. Stimulates the secretory function of the intestine. Facilitates the absorption of nutrients.

Pear. Contains zinc, which is essential for strengthening the immune system. Used as a fixing means.

Jerusalem artichoke. Necessary for intestinal dysbiosis. In folk medicine it is also believed that drinking boiled artichoke with milk completely eliminates the effects of dysbiosis.

Yogurt, kefir. Contain useful microorganisms necessary for the intestinal microflora.

Apricots, plums, figs. Possess purgative properties, and also contain large amounts of vitamins.

Beans. Cleanses the intestines from the accumulation of harmful substances. Is used to normalize the function of bowel movement.

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