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The doctors called effective means to prolong the youth

Врачи назвали эффективные средства для продления молодостиFor the eternal beauty of the skin does not require expensive beauty treatments.

Modern medicine is able to prolong youth. But after thirty years you have to work to make skin stay young and radiant as long as possible.

For the eternal beauty of the skin does not require expensive services of cosmetologists.

It is important to follow the diet and apply those products that will help you remain irresistible. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

1.Retinoid serum

Retinol – a product that help enhance collagen production. He also wins the acne and eliminates the unwanted pigment. But the main advantage of cosmetics with retinol is the ability to hide wrinkles.

2.Soap moisturizer for the face

After thirty years of protective film of the skin becomes vulnerable and if you use too much scrubbing and cleansing can lead to the worst effect. That is why cosmetologists advise to wash with soap that contains a lot of moisturizing ingredients.

3.Moisturizing cream with UV protection

Daily application of the cream with SPF to the face should become a habit. Applying the cream on your face in the morning can not worry about the protection of the skin throughout the day.

4.Moisturizer with vitamin C

Vitamin C is a great option that protects the skin from the effects of radicals and help fight aging. Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals, stimulates collagen production and, as a consequence, restores skin structure.

5.Body cream

After thirty years, the skin may not also intensive to maintain the balance of water. This applies not only to the skin but to the skin of the whole body. You need to often hydrate body lotion, milk and other means.

6.Moisturizing mask

A face mask can be prepared both at home and buy in the store. Moisturize the skin mask based on kiwi fruit, aloe Vera, squash caviar, clay.

Still to skin beautiful, there are some tips.

1.To follow the diet

It is necessary to abandon the harmful and greasy. Don’t eat before bedtime, unnatural products to replace natural.

2.To move more

Movement is life. You can go to some classes or just join a gym.

3.Not to worry and not to feel stress

Experiencing stress makes you want to cheer yourself up. But what is not food? It is a vicious circle – the nerves, overeating, problem skin. It is important to remain calm and to be in a good mood.

After 30 your life is not over. Begins a new stage. And much nicer to celebrate it with beautiful, smooth skin and a smile on my face.

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