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The doctors called drink, which it is advisable to drink it every day

Врачи назвали напиток, который желательно пить каждый деньDoctors told about the benefits and dangers of dairy products.

We have already heard a million times that low-fat dairy products is the unhealthy foods.

But sometimes (sometimes, covers such “wave”) so I want to lose weight, by staying in front of the “dairy” shelf, I think:

“Everything from now will take himself, and take sharply and harshly – no sugar, fat and bread rolls”. And … put in the basket “low fat” cheese, 10% sour cream 0% yogurt and 67% oil.

Don’t do it. For the presence of milk fat gives you the following bonuses:

– provides a feeling of satiety (eating low-fat products, we can easily overeat because the feeling of satiety does not occur).

– with milk fat, we get vitamins a, D, E, Closed Carotenoids are Natural organic pigments are produced by bacteria, fungi, algae and plants. These carotenoids, such as lutein and zeaxanthin – have a positive effect on eye health and cognitive brain function.

– carotenoids, and they are fat-soluble.

– in the presence of vitamin D are better absorbed calcium and magnesium.

the lack of fat in dairy products is compensated by carbohydrate – to thicken and improve the taste, and carbohydrates stimulate the secretion of the hormone insulin by the pancreas and inhibit the process of oxidation ( “burning”) of fat that is to lose weight on low-fat dairy products becomes more difficult.

– low-fat, and very fat, impairs the assimilation of calcium.

is milk fat good for the brain and the intestinal microbiota. So you make your choice, but the children and teenagers in any case do not let fat free.

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