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The doctors called drink, which it is advisable to drink it every day

Врачи назвали напиток, который желательно пить каждый деньA daily Cup of coffee will save you from serious illness.

American scientists from the Mayo clinic have proven that a daily Cup of coffee in the diet will save from severe liver disease.

Doctor of medicine gastroenterologist Craig Lammert called the dose, which help to prevent autoimmune diseases, vital organ.

According to Dr. Lammert, a moderate regular intake of the African beverage prevents primary inflammation of the bile ducts that cause fibrosis and often lead to such terrible diagnosis as cirrhosis, cancer and liver failure. This initial inflammation is called PSC (Primary Sclerosis Cholangitis). The disease has an autoimmune nature, often not fixed, but the consequences of it deplorable.

Studies Lammert has embraced a large number of patients with detected PSC. The doctors came to the conclusion that the dose of coffee is needed to prevent the terrible disease should not exceed one small Cup a day. Otherwise, excessive amounts of caffeine can even cause serious harm to the body.

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