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The doctors called a vegetable, significantly slow aging

Врачи назвали овощ, существенно замедляющий старениеNamed one of the healthiest foods that can prolong life.

One of the most useful winter products, which in the opinion of doctors must be present in the diet in autumn winter season is the celery.

On the power healing properties of celery are put on the same level with ginseng.

Scientists strongly recommend to add celery to soups and salads, but the best thing to consume this vegetable in combination with olive oil. Celery helps to slow down the aging process – it helps it contained a unique set of proteins, vitamins, acids and minerals, which ensures stable operation of the cells.

In particular, celery is rich in b vitamins, provitamin a, vitamin K, vitamin E and ascorbic acid. In roots and leaves of the plant contain valuable amino acids: carotene, asparagine, nicotinic acid, tyrosine, essential oils and trace elements. In nature there are practically no alternatives celery, experts say.

The use of celery stimulates the excretion of toxins, thereby supporting good skin condition. In addition, celery is an antioxidant: this vegetable fights free radicals that destroy cells and trigger the development of cancer. Celery juice is actively used in cosmetology as an anti-inflammatory and antigravami funds.

In addition, celery has a diuretic effect, which promotes the excretion of excess water, helps to normalize weight. Thanks to the combination of vitamins and minerals in its composition celery provides the cell resistance of the organism to harmful influences – for this reason celery can be particularly useful for patients with diabetes, the elderly.

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